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Maybe the story of Sarah-Nell sounds familiar to you:  Do you feel like you’re spending all your energy running on a hamster wheel but not getting anywhere? Do you have barely enough time to do your job and put your kids to bed before crashing yourself (or worse, logging back in)?

I, Sarah-Nell, can relate. As a partner in an Atlanta AmLaw 100 firm, I climbed the never-ending ladder.

I loved being a lawyer. I enjoyed solving complex problems for my clients, serving as a trusted advisor, and collaborating with brilliant attorneys.  I successfully navigated maternity leave twice - without missing a beat.

Fortune 100 in-house counsel appreciated me because I made their lives easier. Firm executives respected me because I successfully motivated a team of twenty-six attorneys to exceed client expectations.

So, why did I feel like I was living someone else’s dream?

In the pursuit of being both the polished lawyer and the Insta-perfect mom, I never had any time or space for myself. I was on call 24/ 7. When I was at work, I felt guilty about what was left undone at home. When I was at home, I felt guilty about all the work that needed to be done back at the office.  Somewhere along the way, I had stopped investing in myself and my priorities for the sake of domestic peace and professional achievement.

Something had to change. If not now, when?

So, in a typically type-A way, I began to invest my time intentionally. I uncovered more hours in my day by playing to my strengths and building on those strengths to catapult myself, my team, and my business to new heights. With this newfound time and energy, our family decided to foster - a dream we’d had for over a decade.

Our first placement was two and a half-year-old twins. There was no road map and precious few role models for two successful professionals to navigate the foster care system. We lived in the moment and loved ferociously. We graciously accepted ALL the help our village offered. It was the hardest and most meaningful work I’ve ever done. And, when we said goodbye to the twins, I shattered into a million pieces.

When I finally put myself back together, the career I had built and nurtured for fifteen years in Atlanta felt like a dress that was two sizes too small.

My work, which used to feel exciting and challenging, felt meaningless and inauthentic. And, just like that, I decided to pursue my most favorite part of my day - helping women leaders advance their careers and grow their books of business - as my vocation.


I decided to quit playing it safe and put my relentless work ethic to work for ME, Sarah-Nell.

Like me, you are an accomplished professional with a million plates in the air.  You are torn between the career and the family that you love. You feel like you don’t have any time to yourself.  And, as powerful as you may seem, you feel like you a failure.

You are a STAR and, it is time that you start investing in YOURSELF.

You weren’t put on this earth or in this position to play small. You were put here - at this time and in this place - to play big + to make an impact on your organization, your family, and the world around you. No matter your business or your occupation, YOU can play much bigger than you are right now.


I put my skills as a determined problem solver, trusted advisor, strategic thinker, and fierce advocate to work for you on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Scaling and systemizing your business.
  • Leading a team.
  • Developing strategic relationships.
  • Advancing your career.
  • Creating a stand-out personal brand.
  • Intentionally creating a meaningful, fulfilling, and impactful life.

You have an idea of what you want your future to look like - now you need the clarity and courage to make it happen. I can help.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, you do not have to sacrifice everything you hold dear to achieve your professional goals. YOU are the hero of your story.

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