Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to create a life where you, your career, and your family are all thriving?

Hi, I'm Sarah-Nell Walsh, and I'm on a mission to help you succeed in life and business on your own terms. As a former AmLaw 100 partner, I climbed a never-ending ladder only to realize I was living someone else's dream.  Lucky for me, I am still enjoying all my favorite aspects of practicing law - solving hard problems, collaborating with brilliant people, and serving as a trusted advisor - as a coach.  Lucky for you, I put the unique skill set I learned as an attorney - effective advocacy, active listening, issue spotting, and prioritization - to work for YOU.

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I know firsthand that stepping out of someone else's footsteps to forge your own path is scary.  Just keep showing up, taking big risks, failing, and trying again. Be patient; the result is 100% worth your effort!

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Wayfinders Executive Coaching helps ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs advance their careers, grow their businesses, hone their leadership skills, navigate the intersection of life and work, and make their desired impact on their families, organizations, and the world.

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