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What would you do with an hour back a day?

Let me guess … If you made it to this page, you are an ambitious overachiever and your typical day looks something like this –

5am – Get up, exercise, shower

6am – Email

6:30am – Wake the kids, brush your teeth, breakfast, did you brush your teeth?, backpack, did you brush your teeth???

Hit the office. Coffee. Email. Meeting. Meeting. Meeting. Conference call. Meeting. Panic attack – did I send those slides to my client? Double check. Yes, I did!

Lunch? Shoot I don't have time for lunch...

Late to meeting. Meeting. Conference Call. Email.

How is it 5:30pm?????

Grab your stuff. Log off. Get your kids.

6pm – Dinner, brush your teeth, bath time, brush your teeth!, story time, brush your teeth!!

8pm – You pour yourself a BIG glass of 🍷🍷🍷 and log back in to actually get some work done with your spouse or your dog curled up next to you.

Finally, you drift off to sleep just in time to wake up and do it all again...

OK, maybe this isn't your exact day, but I came DAMN close.

I get it.

I used to be on this hamster wheel too.

You're exhausted and it doesn't feel like you can handle one.more.thing.

If you are ready to get off the hamster wheel, invest in your success, and ruthlessly take back your time, click below.

What would it feel like to have the time to:

  • Build your client base + grow your revenue

  • Consistently exercise

  • Launch a side hustle

  • Eat dinner as a family

  • Pursue a new position + get out of your current job

  • Plant a garden

  • Serve your community

  • Learn a language

  • BE a multi-dimensional person rather than a two dimensional parent-work bot

    It’s all possible with the Hour Back Club!

    I’ll show you how.

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Looking back at the person I was when I hired Sarah-Nell, it’s hard to imagine how I would have navigated the growth of my company with the ever-pressing “mom-guilt” I was experiencing. My office is no longer scattered across my dining room table, my family gets valuable mommy time, and my business is doing the best it’s ever done.

I once thought I wasn’t “important enough” to hire a coach and now I can’t stress enough how important it is to have someone to remind me to love myself, my family, and my team. I could sing the praises of Sarah-Nell from the rooftop!

- Magen McRoberts

Here’s why I do this work!

I created the Hour Back Club because so many of the working parents I coach struggle to take back their time. These clients look for answers in HBR articles or by asking for feedback in Law Mamas, but they weren’t getting the help they need. By the time they reach me, they are DESPERATE to create space in their schedules to sign more clients, launch their life-long dream business on the side, or get out of a toxic job.

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been working to create space in my schedule for 16 years and have found a suite of strategies that WORK! Here’s how using this framework has positively impacted my life:

When I was a partner at an AmLaw 100 firm, I needed more time. I was traveling non-stop and dedicating every minute I had to serving my clients and my family. How could I possibly find time to exercise with only 24 hours in the day? I felt like I needed Hermione Granger’s time turner. But, I found something better - a four step framework that I could return to again and again to create more time. I’ve used this framework at three critical junctures: to foster parent 2 year old twins while practicing law full-time, to prepare to launch Wayfinders while preparing for trial, and to serve as principal, hall monitor, & lunch lady at Walshington Academy <only open for the pandemic>.


The Hour Back Club is your solution! Here’s what you get:

Curriculum: Your program includes live trainings and PDF downloads will help you gain awareness of how you currently spend your time and teach you 4 new habits to practice that will each save you AT LEAST 15 minutes a day.

Online Community: Enjoy a private on-line community with your Hour Back Club colleagues so you are connected to like-minded professionals who GET your ambitions and your challenges. These are people you can turn to for encouragement, accountability, and ideas. Sarah-Nell is available inside this community for feedback and support as you move through the program <and beyond!>.

Bite-Size Coaching: Every week, there will be time for individual coaching where you can receive live support and get your specific questions answered.

Nitty Gritty: Each group is limited to 9 participants. We will be meeting at lunchtime (11am, 12pm, or 1pm ET) for six weeks.

What would YOU do with an extra hour a day?


While Sarah-Nell continuously challenges me to be the best version of myself, we have FUN! My law practice has grown exponentially, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and I’m exercising regularly. All that while growing my law practice book 2.5X because we use process driven metrics to create accountability and success.

- Ivy Cadle

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