The Power Session: Move Forward

This bite-size program was designed with YOU in mind - the busy professional.  In this power session, we’ll discuss your priorities - the things that matter most to you.  We will take a deep dive into your schedule - how you are currently spending your time and how that aligns with your priorities. You’ll leave the session with measurable goals and realistic deadlines so you can get right to work.


Coaching with Sarah-Nell has transformed me as a leader, truly benefiting my small team of 8. As a coach, Sarah-Nell has helped me find my voice as a manager, empowering me with confidence to give both praise and constructive feedback in my own, authentic voice. Under her guidance I have found ways to communicate with candor and provide more frequent feedback to help my team develop and grow. Quarterly assessments are now productive sessions with open dialogue- sharing ideas on where to continue best practices while improving areas of opportunity. I truly appreciate all of Sarah’s coaching, advice, and recommendations. She has provided me with a strong foundation and additional resources that I can continue to reference to challenge and development myself as a manager, employee, wife, and mother. Thank you, Sarah!

Rosemary Walsh

Senior Manager, Comcast Corp.

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We'll discuss what lead you here, and questions you have, & ensure this program is right for you.

Topics can include:

Spot Coaching

You will improve your leadership and communication skills to more effectively motivate and inspire your team. We will work on effective delegation, setting expectations for your team, providing candid performance feedback, building trust, and delivering results.

Performance Review

You will gain clarity on how to authentically state your value proposition and create a compelling self-evaluation that highlights the level at which you perform.

Planning to Launch Your Business

You will set your milestones for launching a new business and commit to taking the necessary steps to do so over the next 90 days. What gets measured gets done!

Partnership Memo

You will gain clarity on how to authentically state your value proposition and create a compelling narrative to highlight your track record of success for the organization. We will discuss who will need to support your bid for partnership and how best to forge those strategic relationships.

Maternity Leave Planning & Re-Entry

You will have your baby with confidence knowing that everything is under control at work. We will prepare a detailed plan for the work that needs to be done while you’re on leave, set boundaries for your leave, and foster confidence that you will return full-strength after leave.

Contract Negotiation

You will have an advocate in your corner to help you review and negotiate complicated contracts that stand between you and your dreams. We will work together to determine your goals, identify the potential risk, and advocate for your needs.

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