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Wayfinders Core Values

Even Stars Need Coaches!

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As I’m sitting down to write this post, it’s election season; we’re rounding month nine of a pandemic; I’m in day who-knows-how-many of virtual schooling; I’m running my business as an executive coach for women; and the hot button issue of VALUES keeps coming up for me and my clients.

What are their values? Are they living in alignment with their values? Is their role in alignment with their values? Does the mission of their organization align with their values?

The good news is through all of these intense challenges we seem to be facing during 2020, we can all hold onto our values.

Do you have a handle on what your own core values are?

My core value is HOME, which to me evokes safety, security, authenticity, radical inclusion, play, learning, and love. When I face a difficult decision, I consider whether the action will bring me closer to or further from my definition of HOME.

If you want to do the exercise (inspired by Brene Brown’s book Dare to Lead) for yourself, find me over at Facebook or shoot me an email to receive the Wayfinders Values Exercise.

Do your values align with your corporate values?

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Values, even corporate values, function as our North Star and serve as a reflective framework when we make important decisions. When I recently onboarded three employees, I knew I needed to draft a set of Wayfinders’ Values to intentionally define the “Wayfinders Way.”

Wayfinders core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our corporate actions; they serve as our cultural cornerstones. These are the principles that we are unwilling to compromise, either for popularity or profit.

It is my hope that Wayfinders’ core values set it apart from other coaching organizations by clarifying its identity for our clients and prospective clients. These are the beliefs that are most important to us, that help us find our way in the dark, that fill us with a sense of purpose for our executive coaching work. <And, you might even notice that they closely align with my core value of “Home”!)


Authenticity empowers people to be who they are by recognizing their unique strengths and deepest passions.  We believe in building relationships, careers, and companies that allow you to shamelessly be your best self. Not everyone is going to value you, but the right people – your people – will.


Belonging is being seen, heard, and valued for who you are without judgment. We believe in creating a psychologically safe space, cultivating strong relationships, inviting feedback, and being inclusive. We are all about building a bigger table – as leaders, as parents, and as citizens.


Trust means what you say is what you do and comes from communicating honestly.  We keep our word, listen with respect, encourage feedback, take risks, and learn from our mistakes. Strong relationships require trust. Trust requires vulnerability. Vulnerability requires courage.


Courage allows us to move through our fears, to make difficult choices and take specific actions that we know will be difficult, challenging, and at times painful. We believe it takes courage to intentionally create the future you desire and be a leader who others are willing to follow.

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Possibility keeps us open to ideas and options, wonder, curiosity, compassion, and love. It is the spark that activates growth and helps us navigate change. It gives us hope and lets us be optimistic about the future. We display enthusiasm and hope others catch on to our positive perspective and happy attitude.

At Wayfinders, we walk our talk – we are clear about what we believe and hold important, and we take care that our intentions, words, thoughts, and actions align with those beliefs.

If you’re ready to explore executive coaching for women with Wayfinders, I would love to hear from you!! Apply for a complimentary Discovery Session here.

And remember, anyone who doesn’t light you up is too small for you,


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Even Stars Need Coaches!

Become a leader that you'd be proud to follow. Reach out today for a complimentary Wayfinders Discovery call to learn how.

Sarah-Nell Walsh

Sarah-Nell Walsh is an executive coach, former attorney, and Founder of Wayfinders, LLC. Equal parts big-hearted cheerleader and bold challenger, she works with ambitious professionals, executives, and lawyers who want to perform at the top of their game. Wayfinders has a business development coach for lawyers, a leadership coach for executives, and a transition coach for professionals. We work with all our clients to make their desired impact on their organizations, their families, and the world.

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